Monday, August 25, 2008

Measuring Site Success

Came across this on CNET:

It's a really quick, five-minute video on how to measure your site's success and use site metrics to improve your offering and your relationship with visitors. I'm constantly surprised at how many teams focused on developing consumer-oriented sites make no particular effort to measure their site's success. They develop content, iterate on the home page design, and obsess about user interface and information architecture decisions, but never follow up to see how well these things are performing over time. Considering how cheap site analytics has become in this day of Google Analytics and other free offerings, there's simply no excuse for that.

If you already think you're pretty good at your job but would like to be better, take five minutes out of your day to watch the video and get the gist of site analytics and how to fold that into a long-term plan for your site. Those five minutes could well be the most beneficial part of your day.