Monday, September 22, 2008

You Are What You Drink - Which Makes Me Schizophrenic

By way of Techcrunch, I discovered a new social networking site this morning:

The basic premise of Cocktailmatch is that you are what you drink, and that you like to associate with people who drink the same thing. Wine drinkers, in short,  would rather not hang out with whiskey drinkers, and guys who do tequila shots are most definitely not interested in those who like pina coladas (and getting caught in the rain). 

Then there's me: I drink wine at home, sometimes order beer with spicy food in a restaurant, and enjoy mojitos on special occasions. My friends and associates include wine snobs, beer dudes, and mixed-drink swillers. Apparently I'm the exception to Cocktailmatch's rule.

Or maybe it's simply self-selecting: perhaps the desired demographic for Cocktailmatch consists of those people who identify strongly with one, and only one, type of alcohol. In which case, those people finally have a website devoted exclusively to them. For the rest of us, Cocktailmatch seems like nothing more than an odd twist on the social networking scene.