Friday, January 20, 2012

Playing into their hands

Anonymous Reacts to Megaupload Takedown With “Largest Attack Ever”

Anonymous reacts to the feds' shutdown of by taking down a suite of government and entertainment industry sites, and they could not have done a bigger favor for their opponents. Most people out there don't know about the subtleties of this case, and most of them probably don't care. What they do know, or think they know, is that the internet is full of people who do whatever they feel like -- lie, cheat, or steal. Anonymous' actions look to the majority of the public like nothing more than mean-spirited vandalism. Their actions are confirming the preconceptions of their ideological opponents.

Anonymous is a gift to every politician out there who would like to shut down the internet. They could not ask for better rhetorical material. Anonymous is playing right into their hands.